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Some helpful terminology

My name is Trip and I am a Transgender Man. This means I was assigned female at birth, and spent the first part of my life appearing female. But this didn’t match my own masculine gender identity. Thus I transitioned to male, and now live an authentic & congruent life. The FAQ’s below will answer many questions about trans people in general, and me in specific.

Cisgender refers to a person who identifies as the gender they were assigned at birth.

Transgender refers to a person who does not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. Some trans people choose to transition, some do not. Each person’s transition looks different and may include different elements (including hormones, surgery, name changes, etc.), or none at all.

Gender is the our own internal sense of identity. While the majority of people’s gender identity matches their assigned sex (meaning they are cisgender), it does not match for trans people.

Sex is usually used to refer to biological sex, though in fact biological sex is not binary. At birth, we are assigned a gender based on visual inspection of our external genitalia, but in fact there are multiple components of “true” biologic gender and they do NOT always align in a binary way. These components include chromosomes, hormonal levels, hormonal sensitivity, internal organs, and external genitalia. All of these elements can exist along a spectrum of characteristics. Biologic sex is quite a bit more nuanced than “penis versus vagina.” It’s also why it’s MUCH more accurate to refer to a person as “a cisgender man” rather than “biologically male” since maleness is not necessarily biological nor simple to define.

My personal FAQ

Evertyhing you need to know

*I am legally male, identify as male, and accept male pronouns (he/him/his, etc) only when referring to me. Willfully misgendering a trans person is a form of targeted abuse and harassment.

*I am on testosterone (started Feb 2015) & had top (chest) surgery (July 2015). I had a type of top surgery called “keyhole” which is why there’s no visible scarring. Having access to competent health care is critically important for all people including trans people.

*I am hairy and have a beard because my family history (genetics) allows me to grow one, testosterone simply “awakens” it. Taking additional testosterone may or may not make you hairier – it depends on your genetic potential. If you have questions about that, I recommend reaching out to an endocrinologist.

*I consider myself post-transition, and will not be getting any further surgery. Transition is a personal journey and this is mine.

*For clarity, I have NOT had any genital surgery ever. No, I didn’t “chop my cock off” (sidenote, that’s not how ANY surgery works). Asking intrusive questions about other people’s genitalia is frowned upon anyway.

*My cock (aka clitoris) is large due to being on testosterone. I prefer that you refer to it as a cock (clits and cocks are anatomically analogous body parts anyway)

*I am Bisexual (or more precisely pansexual) and I have sex with cisgender men, cisgender women, other trans people, and nonbinary people (people who do not identify with any particular gender) .

*My male partners identify as Gay & Bisexual men; I have never had sex with a straight guy (straight guys don’t usually like their partner to have a beard and body hair)

*I do not have a “type,” but people who purchase my content are super sexy! In my video work, I make a point to showcase people of diverse sizes, shapes, colors, adult ages, and more.

*I am NOT fertile, do not menstruate, and cannot/will not get pregnant, nor have any desire to do so. I strongly dislike questions about my fertility, do not ask.

*I AM sexually active, yes that means I’ve “taken cock in that hole.” Get a video if you want to see me getting fucked.

*I enjoy penetration in both my front hole & my ass.

*I generally do not squirt when I cum, but occasionally can produce waterworks. If you want to see me cum, get a video.

*I am 5’8″ & 170-ish lbs. I have been lifting weights and generally involved in fitness and athletics since I was in my mid teens.

*I have 3 cats. They are rescued and are all special needs, and sometimes they wander onto cam with me. Their names are Wallace, Duncan, and Baxter. Anyone who wants to send an amazon US gift card to triplextransmanxxx@gmail.com I will apply it to cat food!